Multi Car Insurance Policy

multi car policy

Why is multi car policy so important?

A multi car policy helps people insure more than one car of the same family under one single provider. Having car insurance is compulsory in almost all countries and if you are driving your vehicle on the roads of UK without insurance you can be subjected to punishment. It does not matter whether you are driving any articulated vehicle, limousine or any 3-wheeler on the roads, having car insurance is mandatory. It is true that purchasing car insurance is quite a tedious task especially when you are searching for a cost effective multi car policy. This is the reason we extend our experience and expertise in motor insurance to assist you in every perspective so that you get the best policy for your vehicles.

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What is multi car policy?

Multi car policy is purchased to insure more than one car of same family or owner under one policy. The benefit of purchasing multi car policy is that you will receive decent discounts on the cost of second car insurance. Almost every car insurance provider in UK offers at least 5% discount but it varies on the minimum and maximum slab depending on certain factors like depreciation value of the car and numerous other things.
There are even some providers in UK that offer up to 33% discount on multi car policy through which substantial amount of money can be saved.

There are several different providers of car insurance in the market that can offer you appreciable multi car policies as per your budget and requirement. But the question is how vigilant you are in choosing the best among all? As compared to last decade’s scenario, today we are fortunate enough to have innumerable number of options in car insurance policies and providers that makes us available wide array of choices to select most suitable option from.

How to get commercial multi car policy?

Multi car policy is a generic term that defines multiple vehicle insurance schemes. Now in UK this policy is divided into two categories:

1. Multi car insurance, and
2. Fleet insurance

Multi car insurance is designed only for non-commercial or personal vehicles. For instance, if your family owns more than two cars then you can get multi car insurance from one provider that will give you typically 5% discount in minimum slab on the premium of second car insurance. On the other hand fleet insurance also fulfil the same purpose of insuring multiple vehicles but this scheme is designed only for commercial vehicles. For instance, if you are running a business and own more than one commercial vehicle then you can easily consider fleet insurance or multi car policy to save significant amount of money.

How can we assist you on getting cheap multi car policy?

We are a renowned consultant of UK and it is been long number of years since we are a part of this industry. We can help you to explore insight details on different kinds of multi car insurance that can help you to get the cost effective deals.

Here is the highlight of some of our services:

  1. Short term multi motor policy
  2. insurance multi motor quote comparison
  3. Multi-car car insurance groups
  4. cheap van insurance quote
  5. multi car insruance for a day
  6. commercial multi car policy
  7. All 3 type cheap car insurance quotes

Smart shopper compare car insurance to get the best but with our assistance you can effectively transform your research methodology from smart to smarter tactics without wasting your time, money and energy. Car insurance for multi car is a piece of cake provided you are aware about every single detail of multi car insurance.

Types of car insurance in UK

multi car policy

Driving without insurance? Just pullover and call us.

Typically there are three types of car insurance from that you can choose the most suitable options as per your affordability and requirement.

1. Third party insurance only

It is the most basic multi car car insurance policy in UK that will provide you legitimately required cover that is mandatory to drive your car on the roads of UK. Under this policy you will receive a compensation to pay the damages of other party who is involved in accident with you but your damages need to be repaired from your own pocket.

2. Third party fire and theft insurance

It is an intermediate insurance scheme that is frequently purchased by car owners and is also popular multi car policy. Under this policy insurance provider will compensate the repair cost and medical expense of second party involved in an accident with you but you would not receive any compensation for yourself. However, if your vehicle gets stolen or damage in fire accidents then you will receive agreed compensation from your provider.

3. Fully comprehensive insurance

If you are willing to pay high premium to cover all unforeseen potential damages and expenses then getting fully comprehensive insurance is one smart decision. It will cost you more than 20%-25% of third party fire and theft insurance.

So do not wait for perfect moment make it perfect with smart thinking and our expert assistance to get the best multi car policy.

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